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Predictive Maintenance: The Ultimate in Forward-Thinking Loss Prevention

Written by Lawrence Bouvier, CMRP – Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions

Successful and efficient companies recognize that preventative maintenance maximizes machinery uptime. However, even successful companies experience loss by applying preventative maintenance improperly. When the tasks are poorly defined, employees are unable to identify a defective component, which leads to unplanned outages. When the tasks are performed too frequently, there may be excessive equipment unavailability. Both rob manufacturers of valuable time, which equates to lost revenue. Forward-thinking maintenance organizations minimize waste and maximize revenue-producing up-time by applying predictive maintenance technologies.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Excelsior Inc.

Excelsior Inc.

Excelsior Inc. is a manufacturer of custom gaskets, washers, seals, insulators, packings, shims, protective covers and other precision parts from both synthetic materials and thin gauge metals.  The company is an AS9100C; ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of custom parts from synthetic materials. 

The company celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 2016.  They have championed success as a manufacturer by combining the sophistication required to deal with large international OEM manufacturers while retaining the scale and personal service valued by companies of all sizes.  Excelsior Inc. prides itself on having the capability to meet the exact specifications of any project, whether it involved water jut cutting, rotary die cutting, or something else.

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Scratch Goods

Scratch Goods

Scratch Goods was started by a couple of hometown friends with a passion for clean living. They started making soap in a kitchen, and still make all of their goods with food in mind: fresh, with premium ingredients, and without anything synthetic.Their requirements for product development are food-grade ingredients that are safe enough to eat, fragrance from pure essential oils only, and zero water, eliminating the need for synthetic preservatives.

Scratch Goods opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in Roscoe Village in 2015, which gave space for Scratch Goods to grow into an experience as well as a product line: a self-service mask bar was born in 2016, guiding customers through the steps and techniques for using their all-natural goods at home. Today at Scratch Goods’s new home in the West Loop, they offer a mask bar, wellness classes, and more.

Innovate or Die

Written by Jim Dunbar, IMEC Marketing Coordinator

Innovate or die.   This may sound like a particularly harsh term but when you look at Toys”R”Us as an example, it rings all too real. They just recently had to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy and are in real danger of completely disappearing from the retail landscape. When you don’t change and adapt, the world passes you by.

You might be asking yourself the question, “Why is this even relevant to me as a manufacturer?”  Here’s the simple bottom line of the matter: Innovation separates successes from catastrophic failures. 

Project Management Expert joins IMEC Team of Technical Specialists

project managementAntuanet Sanchez has joined the IMEC team bringing a strong background in project management and customer service skills to Illinois organizations. As a Technical Specialist with more than 15 years of experience working in a Fortune 500 project management office, Antuanet has a passion for continuous improvement and prides herself on leading cross-functional and remote teams.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Trufab Group USA LLC

TruFab Group USA LLC

Trufab Group USA LLC is a precision sheet metal fabricator and job shop, specializing in CNC punching and bending.  They have advanced capabilities in metal fabrication in order to manufacture a wide range of products. They also utilize cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, including precision CNC machinery and quality control systems.

A full-service manufacturing company, Trufab focuses on fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and above all, quality.  They specialize in low-to medium-production volumes and aim for 100% on-time delivery. Trufab is committed to steady growth through investing in the latest manufacturing equipment and innovations in the industry which enables them to provide complete metal finishing solutions for their customers’ products.

Made in Chicago Featured Company: William Dudek Manufacturing Company

William Dudek Manufacturing Company

Wm Dudek Mfg is an ISO registered contract manufacturer that specializes in the use of the multi-slide and four-slide process to manufacture metal stampings and wire forms. Some of their top products include metal stampings produced using the fourslide process. They also provide complete in house tool & die design and fabrication, a full range of subcontracted processes from heat treat to plating, tapped and threaded clips and clamps, and inventory management programs.

Today, Wm Dudek Mfg is proud to deliver the same quality and reliability that was there at the beginning while expanding to serve Fortune 500 companies and shipping internationally.  Their mission is simply produce the best possible parts on time at a competitive price.

Finding energy efficient products made in the U.S. is easy with the Building Clean website

Building CleanThe Building Clean database lists more than 2500 U.S. facilities manufacturing energy efficient products in the key energy and water efficient product sectors of appliances, HVAC, insulation, lighting, plumbing, roofing, and sealants – plus an added section on certified water filtration systems. You can search by product type, market sector, locality (both state and zip code), manufacturing tier, and the product’s material composition. Included is information on chemical hazards associated with certain products and those that are certified by third parties as healthy.

The Little Things that Matter at Work: The Inspiration of Positive Psychology

Written by Maria Moran, IMEC Regional Manager

Given the constant change and challenges we face as leaders, some foundations are so solid that they are truisms. Yet, sometimes we deserve a few reminders.

A Fresh LookPositive Psychology

Survival of the fittest instincts run through us all. We are wired to look for the negative in an effort to protect ourselves. What if we created a culture that trained teams to recognize the positive first? Would solutions be created more efficiently? What if you created a vibrant business by changing the lens that your business is viewed through by its employees?

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Reynolds Manufacturing Company

Reynolds Manufacturing Company

Reynolds Manufacturing Company is a well-established manufacturing company with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality tools, fixtures, and special machines.  Reynolds provides complete manufacturing facilities, designed to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing.

Reynolds facilities offer 4 loading docks, 10,000-pound hoisting capability, 8,000-pound forklift capability.  The facilities have machining capability of CNC horizontal milling X-84”, Y-192”, Z-20”, boring mill capacity X-72”, Y-48”, Z-32” and vertical lathe capacity X-56”, Y- 36”.  They have many CNC machines and horizontal & vertical centers.  Additionally their team is able to bore, mill, tap, and turn and can make tooling, repair dies and do design to build parts.

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