Made in Illinois Featured Company: McBride & Shoff

McBride & ShoffMcBride & Shoff, Inc., sister company of Metamora Industries LLC, is located in the same proximity and shares many of the same quality characteristics. At McBride & Shoff, they have been delivering high quality components for our clients for nearly a century.

They are a service oriented machine shop specializing in low to high volumes. Their products have a high level of machining, tight tolerances, and require special skills and machinery due to their characteristics and size. Their customers typically manufacture heavy equipment for the construction, agricultural, and mining industries.  Give them a call and let them know what your unique needs are. McBride & Shoff are confident that they’ll provide a quality product, with great service, at a competitive price.

Contact McBride & Shoff:
503 N. Niles St.,
Metamora, IL 61548

View McBride & Shoff’s Made in Illinois profile here.

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