Made in Illinois Featured Company: Mohop

Mohop-Stars-Logo-GreyEstablished in 2005 by architect Annie Mohaupt, Mohop is an eco-friendly footwear company specializing in interchangeable shoes that allow nearly infinite design options with just one pair of soles. One-of-a-kind, custom-fit sandals can easily be created by simply lacing any ribbon or fabric tie in Mohop’s patented sole. A socially-conscious company, Mohop ensures that all of our collections are produced with sustainably-sourced, recycled, and/or fair-trade materials.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: General Grind & Machine Inc.

logo2Established in 1976, General Grind & Machine Inc. is a privately owned corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of machined parts. General Grind & Machine currently processes three million to four million pounds of stock each month. Our buying power allows us to produce quality parts at a competitive price to over 100 companies globally.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Mount Vernon Mold Works

Mount VernonMount Vernon Mold Works was founded in 1992. For 20+ years, we have made it our goal to be the best tire mold repair shop, not just within our corporation, but throughout the country. From our customer reviews, it appears we are just that. We provide full service and repair to tire molds, which includes cleaning, welding, machining, stamping, engraving and a variety of hand-finish work.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Progressive Coating

Progressive Coating LogoProgressive Coating provides coating application services for the automotive, electrical power transfer, telecom, POP, and other metal manufacturing. We offer out-of-the-box thinking and unparalleled dedication to expertly coating parts in an array of sizes and volumes. By developing close partnerships with our customers we tailor the ideal coating solutions to meet each specific need, and support them with additional services including precision masking, silk, screening, kitting and custom packaging.

Midwest Business and Climate Change | October 8, 2014

Local First Chicago Climate Event

Did you know that Twenty-Five Percent of businesses never reopen after a severe weather event, and that a recent UN report estimates that inaction on climate change could cost $100 billion a year? You may think that this is a worry for coastal businesses and those on fault lines, but less than a year ago, an Illinois town was decimated by a tornado in November. The town has since made strides to recovery, but climate change affects all of us.

Exporting 101: Helping Manufacturers Profit Internationally

Exporting 101 via Illinois SBDCWhen looking for new customers, improved revenues, and an all-around increase in profit; where do you turn? New verticals? New Products? New Countries? The International Trade Center of the Illinois Small Business Development Center looks to help you learn the value behind exporting with a new workshop series in October 2014 that will help Illinois businesses understand what exporting is, who to sell to, how to export, and how to get paid. Learn more about this workshop series below.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Sedwall Manufacturing


Sedwall provides precision tooling and tool and die capabilities to end users. Our versatile employees make tooling used in the can and drum making industry, US mint, and for transportation and heavy machinery.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: JE Tomes


JE Tomes has dependable and durable top quality products for high performance concrete repair/resurfacing, shotcrete concrete patching and underlayment masonry.

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Ameroc Export Inc.


Ameroc Export Inc. is an international trade company. We provide US manufacturers and suppliers with all the services they need to export their products from USA to countries all around the world. Our team of professionals will handle details such as sourcing of products, guiding shipments, quality shipments, quality inspection, document preparation and all other aspects of this import/export process.

MEP Supply Chain Optimization Program Releases Vitality Quiz

Supply Chain Vitality QuizAre you vital as a manufacturer? A new quiz by Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Supply Chain Optimization program looks to provide a quick glimpse into a manufacturer’s vitality. This simple, 10-question quiz will help you to benchmark your abilities regarding strategy, alignment, collaboration, and ultimately optimization within the company’s supply chain.

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