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The inability to maintain standard work is a principal reason why many Continuous Improvement activities fail. Training Within Industry (TWI) is a proven, systematic method for standardizing the way supervisors, team leaders and others drive productivity and achieve consistent results. The program creates an environment in which jobs are performed the same way, by all team members, and where problem solving is done at the operator level.

TWI - Job Instruction for Standardized Work

The objective of Job Instruction is to help supervisors develop a well-trained workforce resulting in less scrap and rework, fewer accidents, and less tool and equipment damage. [PDF]


TWI - Job Relations

Problems come in two basic forms - those dealing with products and processes, and those dealing with human behavior and relationships. JR emphasizes that people must be treated as individuals. Supervisors are given foundations for developing and maintaining good relations to prevent problems from arising. [PDF]


TWI - Job Methods Improvement

Job Methods aims to help produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the people, machines, and materials now available. [PDF]


TWI - Job Safety

Job Safety provides a framework for supervisors to engage employees in identifying potential hazards, considering countermeasures and taking action before a safety incident occurs, not to handle the aftermath. [PDF]