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To ensure that the critical needs of manufacturers are met, IMEC draws on the resources and capabilities of a network of manufacturing service providers, including state and national economic development programs, higher education institutions, specialty service providers, and private sector consultants. And, as part of a national system of manufacturing extension centers, IMEC is able to leverage the expertise of a field network of 2,000 manufacturing advisors from over 59 MEP centers throughout the U.S.

Subcontract for IMEC

Are you interested in providing services and expertise for the IMEC manufacturing base of clients? Fill out the IMEC Subcontractor Form to apply.


Supplier Scouting

Through NIST-MEP, IMEC participates in the Buy America Supplier Scouting Program for manufacturers. If you're interested in a supplier bid or have a sourcing opportunity of your own, visit the Supplier Scouting page.



MEP Supply Chain Optimization

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership's (MEP) Supply Chain Optimization initiative is one of many MEP programs to help build stronger, more competitive U.S. manufacturers. For more information, visit the MEP Supply Chain Optimization website, or the Smarter Supply Chain Blog.


Strategic Partners

An impressive roster of subject matter experts have been pre-qualified to meet the needs of Illinois manufacturers.


Click here to view our list of strategic partners!

Student Projects

Utilize student teams from IMEC's affiliated University operating partners for your next project.


For inquiries, send a brief description of the project to info@imec.org

Project Funding

Find out how IMEC can help you offset the costs of your investments in continuous improvement and training.


Click here to view our list of funding opportunities!