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Continuous Improvement

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a company-wide strategy to cut lead times in all phases of the enterprise, from the first contact with the customer through the office and then with processes needed to provide the product and/or service. QRM is commonly used to:

  • Rapidly introduce new products
  • Reduce cost and overhead
  • Increase market share
  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Slash manufacturing lead times
  • Produce higher quality parts
  • Eliminate non-value added work
  • Improve through-put


The key to QRM is its use of Manufacturing Critical-Path Time (MCT) as a single, unifying metric. Reduction of MCT reflects increased throughput, resulting in improvement of traditional operations and financial parameters. The MCT metric can be easily understood by the people in the enterprise, providing clear direction so that everyone is contributing to its success.