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Lean Training and Execution

The hallmark of IMEC's approach is a Train to Sustain model - in-depth preparation on the key lean methodologies. Our simulations and hands-on exercises transfer learning to the operating environment quickly. As everyone becomes more versed in the lean, your Champions will be ready to take over facilitation.

Lean Simulation

Work in a "mock" company, assemble a product on a simulated factory floor and learn how to use half the manufacturing space and half the investment in tools to produce products in half the time with fewer defects. [PDF]

Value Stream Mapping

Using data measured from the shop floor, plan a future state and generate an action item list that will deliver results, eliminating waste in the system. [PDF]

5S/Workplace Organization

Reduce waste and cost by implementing visual controls to organize the workplace, sending clear/simple signals to employees, reducing inventory, and increasing work flow, quality and safety. [PDF]

Quick Changeover

Change tooling and fixtures quickly and efficiently allowing smaller batch sizes more frequent changes, quicker customer response time, and better machine utilization. [PDF]

Cellular/Flow Manufacturing

Link and balance manufacturing operations to reduce lead times, minimize work in process, optimize floor space. [PDF]

Pull/Kanban Systems

Control shop floor inventory and production scheduling by implementing pull systems. Develop a visually driven, employee controlled material replenishment system. [PDF]

Total Productive Maintenance

Maintain machines and equipment at peak productivity. Increase equipment effectiveness and avoid production interruptions. [PDF]

Kaizen Event Facilitation

Rapid improvement process focused on waste elimination or problem solving in a work cell or process. An intense 2 - 5 day event aimed at achieving a specific objective such as dramatically reducing setup time. [PDF]

Facilities Layout

Strategically locate key assets to minimize wasted movement, handling and travel distance of work and labor. [PDF]

Lean Office

Administrative Lean Principles with Simulation

Simulate the ordering, quoting, invoicing and materials requisition processes. Discover how inefficiencies are rampant but reparable in the office. [PDF]

Administrative Value Stream Mapping

Map the flow of information and pre-manufacturing steps to pinpoint bottlenecks, or unnecessary activities. from the "harder- to-see" administrative processes within a facility. [PDF]



Lean Training & Execution Slipsheet [PDF]