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Continuous Improvement

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to effective Lean Deployment.

Lean Manufacturing

IMEC has led hundreds of Illinois manufacturers on their Lean journeys. The approach, modeled after the Shingo Prize for Organizational Excellence, establishes the responsibility for change at each level of leadership, builds habits among all employees consistent with lean thinking, and uses lean and six sigma tools to achieve results by:

  • Advanced diagnostics to shape the roadmap for successful implementation
  • Developing effective and consistent [lean leaders] and management systems to build trust in the philosophy of lean systems for the long term
  • Developing [value stream managers] who transform the flow of product across departments that focus on customer satisfaction
  • Developing [effective supervisors] who encourage creative, but scientific problem solving and drive a standardized, visual workplace
  • Implementing [world class training and execution]


We guide your team on a systematic and strategic journey to make common sense manufacturing a way of life in the company. The results: lower costs, higher profits, and happier employees and customers.

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IMEC provides training, implementation support and coaching to achieve long-lasting benefits of lean, using a train and do model that prepares manufacturing leaders to succeed using their own internal resources.

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