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Event Calendar

Event: DMDII Digital Disruption: The Factory Floor Transformation


Digital technology is progressing at a rapid pace while both solutions and challenges continue to emerge and create further complexity for business owners. DMDII will host participants for a one day experiential learning workshop to explore how digital technologies impact the factory floor and are redefining how people, processes and equipment will function in the “Future Factory.”

The workshop will include a panel discussion on digital disruption on the factory floor, a keynote speaker discussing his or her company’s own digital journey, and experiential learning breakout sessions.

Who should attend?

Attendees at DMDII’s Digital Disruption workshop are employed by or affiliated with a small or medium manufacturer, influence their organization’s digital technology strategy, and are interested in how the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, automation, and related technologies are impacting manufacturing floors across the U.S.

For the event agenda and registration information, please contact Kym Wehrle at kym.wehrle@uilabs.org.

Sponsor: DMDII, UI Labs, IMEC

Presenter: DMDII

City: Chicago

Location: UI Labs Innovation Center, 1415 N. Cherry Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Date: 11/14/2017

Time: 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Status: Confirmed

Cost: $0

Audience: Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers

Contact Name: Kym Wehrle

Contact Phone: 312-281-6858

Contact Email: kym.wehrle@uilabs.org