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Event: Training within Industry (TWI): Job Relations


Training within Industry (TWI): Job Relations
    > Have you had an increase in absenteeism or turnover?
    > Do you seem to repeatedly have the same personnel issues?
    > Are your supervisors/leads preparing to be take on new tasks?

Training within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic training methodology that creates an environment in which jobs are performed the same way, by all team members and where problem solving is done at the operator level. TWI recognizes supervisors have five basic needs to be effective including Knowledge of the Work and Knowledge of Responsibilities. The needs for Knowledge are unique to each company and/or industry and are therefore provided locally. Supervisors also need Skills in order to perform within their role, regardless of their industry. TWI helps them develop these skills.

The Training within Industry: Job Relations (TWI: JR) series is taught in a small group—limited to 10 participants—and focuses on training supervisors how to solve personnel problems while giving them the confidence and skills to proactively handle issues.

TWI: JR teaches supervisors how to:
    > Build positive employee relations
    > Increase cooperation and motivation
    > Effectively resolve conflicts

The course emphasizes that people must be treated as individuals to provide a foundation for developing and maintaining good relations to prevent problems from arising. It also teaches supervisors to handle problems that do arise by gathering and weighing facts before taking action, and then to check results to evaluate whether the action helped production

Benefits of a successful Job Relations program include:
    > Improved morale and motivation of employees
    > Improved relations between supervisors and employees
    > Reduced absenteeism
    > Reduced turnover
    > Enhanced confidence and motivation of supervisory staff

Personalized Support

Each participating company will also receive a site visit from the IMEC facilitator about 30 days following the series, to assess the use of TWI: JR skills and answer questions that arise from implementation at their company.

Workshop sessions meet daily on December 13, 14 and 15, from 8:00am to 11:00am.

Register Now!

Registration Fees
    VIA Members: $400
    Non-Members: $500

Sponsor: VIA, IMEC

Presenter: IMEC technical experts

City: Geneva

Location: VIA Education Center, 2000 S. Batavia Ave, Geneva, IL 60134

Date: 12/13/2017

Time: 8:00AM - 11:00AM

Status: Confirmed

Cost: $400

Audience: Supervisors at any level

Contact Name: Ellyn Calay

Contact Phone: 630-892-4228

Contact Email: ellyncalay@viaassn.org