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Buy American Supplier Scouting Request Synopsis

Is your company looking for a supplier to manufacture a certain product or component? Submit your request online.


Company Name*
Company Contact*
State* Zip*
Phone* Fax
Website URL
Item Description
(Please describe the exact item you are seeking)
(What's the item's stated purpose or application? Please describe whether you intend to use it for its stated purpose or for an alternate application.)
Item class
(For example: mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, electronic, etc.)
Item materials
(This description can be categorial such as "lamps" or specific such as "iron, steel, copper, aluminum". The more specific, the better.)
Item size
(Please provide the item's physical size specifications.)
Anticipated number of units and cost per unit
Likely manufacturing processes
(To the extent known, please describe the required processes.)
Noteworthy performance requirements
(e.g., the part must weather certain environmental conditions, must adhere to certain quality or industry standards; or has some other noteworthy operating requirements)
Other technical information, including manufacturing tolerance's or testing requirements, if relevant.
Potential future or related procurement information
(Any predictive procurement information regarding potential future purchases is understood to be an estimation, not a guarantee, but will be helpful in understanding and explaining the extent of the need and the potential business case associated with this item.
Deadline for procurement inquiries
(suggested (or mandatory depending on project) deadline for scouting matches)
Project Location
Please upload or paste small digital photo if available.
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Any information you provide us with will be used exclusively for the Made in IL web page and will not be used for self-promotional purposes.